How to create a Google Gmail Account

how to create a gmail account

Gmail email addresses (or google workspace – business ones) can be used to use the Google Cloud Platform cloud services as well as Google Firebase ones.

Prerequisites: Create a new account

First step is setting up your profile consisting of: first name, last name, username, password and password confirmation.

Setup your Gmail profile and email address
Setup your profile and email address

Clicking next gets us to more profile information. We totally recommend inserting your phone number and recovery email address. These can be used in case you forget the password.

Complete gmail account profile
Complete account profile

Next you will be asked to choose personalisation settings. For ease of setup, choose the express one

Gmail personalisation settings
Personalisation settings

Next you are asked to confirm the personalisation settings. We recommend reading them and upon acceptance to confirm them. Next step you have to accept the Privacy & Policy terms.

That’s it, congratulations! Your account was created.

Finished creating a gmail account.
Finished creating a gmail account.

That’s it! You can now create your firebase project!

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